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A lifetime in Games

My Background

Gaming has been my passion since I was old enough to hold a controller. I made my first hobby game when I was thirteen (a Final Fantasy 7 sequel – oh dear!) and have been creating and designing ever since.

I design, code and playtest a lot of concepts (for PC gaming) under my brand “Merchant Prince Digital“.

I am also the co-founder and managing director of The Detective Society; a tabletop game series that we began in 2019. We have won many awards for our series of immersive mystery adventures, and I am very proud of it. In 2022 we appeared on BBCs Dragons’ Den, where we showcased our games to a prime time TV audience and won the approval of two of the investors.

I exhibit games every year at many large expos, including Essen Spiele in Germany and the UK Games Expo.

I have undertaken countless hours of playtesting of board games for other designers, and my testing credits include Mage Knight, Keyflower and Magnate.

Game Theory

I am passionate about game systems and the relationship between gameplay, meta progression and ‘fun’. Furthermore, I studied an arts degree which gave me experience in storytelling, narrative theory and site-specific performance. These elements I try to combine in many areas of my games work, as well as projects I have worked on in theatre, immersive experiences and role-playing.

Complimentary Skills

Alongside my game design work, I have 13 years of experience in website design, ecommerce and business management. This helps to give me a deep understanding of the games marketplace and how to reach new audiences and engage players. I believe that being organised and creating good processes and systems at work is the path to success.

My Top Games

My favourite digital game genres are strategy games, 4X, tycoon games, simulations and role-playing games. My favourite games are The Elder Scrolls series, Factorio, Civilization series, Anno series and Transport Tycoon.

My favourite board games include Tapestry (a Civ game), Caverna, Everdell, Dominion, Le Havre, Suburbia and Tzolkʼin.

[Game Design Consultancy] > My background